March – The world is reeling from the news of the Coronavirus pandemic, with stay at home orders issued this is unprecedented times for the country and the fire safety industry. At Safe Fire Protection we will not be furloughing any engineering staff to ensure our clients who remain open for business can call on us when needed. Stuart Leslie company director said “having been in business for over 20 years this is the most uncertain time we and our customers have seen, we understand that businesses will be affected and for this reason fire safety may not be a priority for them – this is understandable. However even in good times only 20% of businesses affected by fire re-open so we will work with ALL of our customers to ensure their businesses are protected and meet insurance requirements so if the worst happens they have peace of mind, whether it be setting up a payment plan or deferring invoices just call and speak to a member of our team who will be more than willing to help” We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as and when we can.

June 2020 – Safe Fire Protection are now able to offer Sanitising Supplies and Temperature Scanners;

One of the most significant risks employers face after re-opening their premises is that of an infected staff member coming to work. 

If this happens, the company concerned may face a complete shutdown until every staffer tests to see if they too have the virus. 

Therefore, the most effective way to stop infection from COVID-19 in the workplace is to prevent anyone with a fever entering your premises. 

Our automatic temperature screening solution designed for this purpose will guard against this particular risk.  

  • Identify people with a higher than normal measurement from a safe distance
  • High accuracy: =/- 0.3C
  • One second detection time 
  • Can scan up to thirty people simultaneously
  • Face mask detection accuracy 95%
  • Easy to set-up and move around

Use these scanners to instil workforce confidence

Quite reasonably, many members of staff may be reluctant to return to work due to fears about safety. 

Our temperature scanners can reassure them, primarily when used in conjunction with distanced workspaces and clear directional signage. 

All are tangible signs of a risk assessment plan in action.

Available for outright purchase or hire

Our scanners are available for hire or outright purchase. 

Each floor-standing unit is 1-metre wide x 2 metres tall and comes with a scanner, monitor screen and the branding of your choice.

  • Rental cost is £500 plus VAT per week
  • Purchase for £6,500 plus VAT